Our Story

Muscari Flowers & Events have been in business for 15 years. The owner, Kobi Karudo grew up around flowers and appreciated their beauty and inspired him even as a small child. He loves how flowers can change the mood of someone's day and bring smiles to everyone's faces. Muscari Flowers & Events originally started in the importing sector of the floral industry. They spent many years finding the best flowers from all over the world and providing them to the top florist and flower stores in Manhattan. When the store in Roslyn Heights, NY opened 15 years ago, we had the opportunity to start focusing on the design and events aspect of the floral industry while using the same high end flowers that we were importing from all over the world. We are known in Nassau County for having the most creative and one of a kind designs with the best service. We believe our customers are always right. They are our number one priority. Muscari Flowers & Events stands out from other retail stores because we have the background in finding the most unique and high quality selection of flowers from Italy, Holland, Spain, Israel, South America depending on the season. We have the best designs because we have have the best flowers and team.


Our Team

Muscari Flowers & Events has an amazing team of talented designers, managers and coordinators to make sure that your flowers and events are the best in New York.